Welcome to Autostopcock.ie where you will discover the benefits of this practical product and find your local approved installer. The winter of 2010 was particularly cold . Homeowners, landlords, business owners and insurance companies all counted the cost of water damage from burst pipes. This year the installation of water meters will accelerate and with them the risk of having to pay unexpected bills for water that is wasted and lost through leaks and other plumbing failures. Autostopcocks are designed to protect from flooding, prevent water damage and conserve water.             watch video>>


Autostopcock allows you to turn off the mains water at the flick of a switch. Handy if the tank decides to overflow just as you are going to bed or heading off on your holidays. No more searching under kitchen presses and wrestling with seized stopcocks.Autostopcock has the following features to protect your property and avoid shocking bills.

  • Automatic shut off if water flows continuously for 45 minutes ( Leak)
  • Automatic shut off if no water flows for 72 hours. ( vacant property )
  • Automatic shut off if temperature drops to 3°C  ( risk of freezing )    read more>>

Whether you are homeowner, landlord, holiday home owner, business owner or insurance company, fitting an autostopcock could save you a lot of money and inconvenience. You can purchase an autostopcock and fit it yourself or you can have your local approved installer supply and expertly fit.  local installer>>